About Udoo

Udoo Planet is quickly becoming recognized as North America's leading designer of functional and wearable toys.

Udoo's high quality, thoughtful and engaging products allow children to try on new characters as they creatively interact with friends, family and their own imagination, providing the benefit of cognitive learning through the joy of play.

The company was created in 2012, by Joanna Kopplinger, who spent her entire professional life to date working on products for children. She holds a degree in toy design, and a diploma in fashion design. For more than twenty years Joanna designed children's toys for one of the world's largest manufacturers of dolls and doll accessories. These products were selling in some of the largest retail chains in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia. Today, the team of Udoo Planet is working hard to reach many children around the world, with it's very unique and happy products.



"As a toy designer with over 20 years of experience - and one of the co-creators of a children's theatrical group - I was inspired to create Udoo Planet's wearable toys by the brave kids at BC Children's Hospital who loved playing with hats created for them at one of our theatre's presentation there. Children wore hats with gold crown on top, just like the hero of the play we performed - King Matt the First, a little boy who becomes the king. Udoo Planet is designed to bring out the best in kids as they play, pretend and learn with their friends and family. My many years experience designing for children has convinced me that there will always be a place in our modern computerized world for simple, colorful, soft, hand on activities"

- Joanna Kopplinger, Inventor of Udoo.