The Best of Newdo Styles

Udoo Planet's wearable, interactive toys are all about engaging your child's creativity! With our line of Newdo products, the possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the funkiest, coolest "Do"s we've come up with to give you some inspiration! Share your styles with us too via Facebook!


1. The Loose Down:

Nothing beats that classic wild look of Newdo's Loose Down. 


2. The Half Fish-Tail:

This awesome double braid creates a perfect mix of loose and fancy! Your friends will be impressed!


3. The Braided Throw-Over:

This wacky braid combo gives you some funky frills to play with!


4. The Pippi:

Remember Pippi Longstocking? Now you can be just like her with a few simple braids!


5. The Loose Pull-Back:

Get creative with the top flaps to hold the loose strands back in this beautiful double bun.


6. The Clip-It Crazy:

You can use any accessories with Newdo just like on your own hair!


3. The Pasta Head:

This cool "Do" is perfect for those who love to show off their fun personality!


8. The Mixi Trixi:

If you can't decide on a style, why not try a bit of everything?


We hope you enjoyed these cool style ideas from Udoo Planet! Let us know what you make with your Newdo!