New Year's Resolutions for Kids

A few days ago, we shared a wonderful post on New Year's Resolutions for Parents asking our parents to spend a little more time with their kids and treat them even better in 2017. Now we are asking you, kids, to think about some of the ways you can make your parent's lives easier and start some good habits for the next year. From kids to kids, here are our resolutions for next year:


1. Spend less time on the computer.

It's the truth: we kids spend way too much time on the computer. This year, try to find some other hobby or pastime than playing computer games or watching Youtube. Go outside more! Start a coin collection! Build plane models or lego with your friends! Start a dog-walking business! The ideas are endless, and sometimes the computer takes away all our attention from being as creative as we can be.

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2. Be kinder to your siblings and friends.

We can all remember some moments in 2016 when we've been a little mean. Maybe you fight with your siblings or friends a little too much and it's time for a change. Talk with them, and see what the real problem is. Try to recognize some of your own shortcomings. Both of you can work on changing your behavior together.

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3. Help out around the house.

Every year we get a little older, which means we need to start being more responsible. A great way to be responsible and helpful is to do some chores around the house once in a while. Impress your mom and dad by offering to do the dishes or sweep the floor. Tidy your room when it looks really messy. Set the table. It is good to build these habits when you are young so that cleaning is not so hard in the future.

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4. Start saving up your money.

All that money you got for your birthday, from the toothfairy, from dog-walking, or for Christmas this year will quickly disappear if you spend it on candy and toys. Do something smart with your money and put it in the piggy bank. When you want to buy something really important or in case of an emergency, you will have enough to buy it yourself. You'll be surprised at how quickly you can save $500 or even $1000 dollars.

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5. Have real conversations with your parents. 

When someone asks you "How was your day at school?", don't simply reply with "good". Your parents want to know more! Tell them about your joys and your fears, and ask big questions about life. Ask them about their childhood and their dreams! Ask them about their job and what they did at work today. This is a great way to get closer to your parents and develop deeper bonds!

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6. Eat healthier and don't be so picky!

Every kid loves pizza and would choose ice cream over an apple, but even though they taste great, they may not be so awesome for our bodies. This year, lets all try to eat more fruits and vegetables and less food out of packages or fast food restaurants. Lets also try to appreciate our parents cooking more and eat everything on our plates. Their food is made with love and wholesome ingredients. When you get older, you will be very thankful for your parents cooking.

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7. Try harder in school.

School might seem boring now, but a good education is one of the most important gifts that you have been given in this life. So many children around the world are too poor to go to school and would do anything to learn how to read and write. We are very lucky to live in good countries with good teachers who want to help us get a head start in life! So make the most of it this year, and study hard! Try your best in everything you learn and do at school!

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8. Learn a new skill or improve an old one.

Skills like drawing, playing an instrument, or being a ballet dancer make you very special! It is important to try new things so that you can discover new talents and grow as a person. Who knows what hidden superpowers you have? Try something that scares you, like singing or acting, or a sport that nobody else does! 

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9. Spend more time outside.

When our parents were kids, they were outside all the time! But we maybe spend too much time indoors. Explore nature! Run! Jump! Get dirty! That is all part of being a kid! There is a lot to learn from the great outdoors.

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10. Be Green!

Everyone has a responsibility to our planet! You can help "save the earth" by switching off lights when you are not using them, turning off the tap water, throwing food into the compost and paper into the recycling, picking up litter, and not buying things you don't need. The planet thanks you!

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