Games to Play with Udoo Toys

Udoo Planet's line of functional, wearable toys aren't just fashion statements... they are filled with endless possibilities for creativity and fun! These awesome games are fun for the whole family and you can use them to spice up any play date :)



1. Braiding Circle:

Gather all your friends and sit in a circle or line, facing the back of your friend's Newdo hair. Each person takes turns making one adjustment to their friend's hair and everyone else should try to copy them. Go around until you all agree on the perfect hairstyle! 

2. Tie-me-up Tag:

Gather your friends and choose one person to be "it". The "it" person chases everyone else, and once a person is caught, the two "it" people tie a strand of their Newdo hair together. Keep chasing the others until you've collected a chain of friends with their Newdo hair tied together. The last one standing can become the next "it"!

3. Clip-on Challenge:

How many hairclips and accessories can you clip on your Newdo? How fast can you do it? How fast can you take them off? Challenge your friends to try to copy your design!



4. Stop Motion Animator:

Grab your camera, grab your Boodo, and start taking pictures! Move or adjust parts of your hat one step at a time and play them all back so it looks like your Boodo is alive! We had lots of fun doing this ourselves!

5. Musical Hats:

Collect all your Udoo hats and arrange them in a circle. Have a parent play music and while the music is on, get everyone moving around the circle. When the music stops, grab a hat and put it on! Anyone left without a hat is "out". There should always be one less hat than there are players, so remove one from the circle after every round.



6. Guess Who?:

Every pair of Flippmitz has 8 different faces! Hold your hands behind your back and ask a friend or parent to guess which face you are showing. See if their memory is good enough to remember all eight faces.

7. Thumb Wars:

This twist on the classic thumb war pits the left against the right, the pets against the farm animals, the jungle dwellers against the bunnies! Let each animal face play once and see which kingdom comes out on top!



8. Flip-it Race:

How fast can you transform an owl into a monkey, or a tiger into a panda? A cat into a dog? Start timing from the covered-eyes position. Make sure to flip everything you can!


Of course, there are endless possibilities for fun with Udoo and we'd love to hear some of the great things you and your kids have been doing with our products! Message us over facebook or tag us on Twitter if you'd like to be featured on our social media pages!