Welcome to Udoo Planet, where everything looks different than normal!


Udoo Planet Creations was founded in 2012. Since then our unusual products have made their appearance in New York and Las Vegas, on Zulily.com, in the stores of Toy Jungle in Vancouver, BC, as well as many places in Europe.

Now, as the summer of 2016 comes to an end, Udoo Planet is setting up its very own website, which will help showing our unique and playful toy-clothes and where Udoo Planet will put the fun into FUNctional!


Let us introduce you to the latest “do”: Newdo hats, made from tactile, brightly-coloured fleece that kids will want to play with right away. Large buttons, hilarious hair extensions that can be braided into pigtails, or tied into a ponytail or a knot with multicolored hair elastics that come with the Newdo hats. With Newdo, every day is a good hair day!

Recently Newdo Hats were guests at a Focus Group party where the kids organized a contest to find out who could create the most hairstyles out of their hat. The kids added their own real hair accessories to the hats and made completely new, multicolored creations.  Great idea for the creative Birthday Party! Take a look!