Boodo Stories: Sharky and the Bravest fish in the Sea!

Before Sharky became a children's toy, he was the fiercest predator in the sea. All the creatures of the ocean were afraid of his sharp teeth and pointy fins, and they would all swim away as soon as Sharky got close to them.

Everyone thought Sharky was a monster, but really he was just lonely! 

One day, Sharky decided that he did not want to be thought of as a monster anymore. He wanted to show the others how kind and gentle sharks could be, so that they would want to be friends with him! So Sharky went to the Wise Old Clam to ask it how he could convince everyone that he wasn't a monster!

The Wise Old Clam was not afraid of Sharky, because it could see that underneath the sharp teeth and pointy fins, Sharky was actually a very good creature, who would never hurt anyone. It told Sharky what to do:

"You must find the smallest fish in the sea and make friends with her. Then you can show the others that they should not be afraid of you."

Then Sharky asked: "How will I know who is the smallest fish in the sea?"

And the Wise Old Clam replied: "You will know that she is the smallest fish because she is also the bravest fish, and will not run away from you."

Sharky thanked the Wise Old Clam and went to go find the smallest, bravest fish in the sea.

He looked near the seaweed, but all the fish ran away. He looked near the rocks, but all the fish ran away. He looked near the corals, but all the fish ran away. Wherever he went, all the fish kept running away!

Then somebody tapped him on the shoulder and Sharky turned around to see who it was. 

"Excuse me, Mr. Shark," said a tiny orange fish. "Can I please ask you to stop scaring everyone away? All my friends are hiding because you have frightened them!"

And Sharky knew right away that this was the smallest fish in the sea because she was the only one brave enough to talk to him. So Sharky said:

"Hello, little fish. I am sorry that I have scared everyone away! I really didn't mean to! In fact, I was just looking for a friend to talk to!"

And the little fish replied: "Oh! Well, in that case, you can talk to me! I am the smallest fish in the sea and also the bravest fish, and I like to make friends with new creatures of all shapes and sizes!"

"Would you like to be my friend?" asked Sharky. "I want to show everyone that I am kind and gentle, and I might need your help!"

"Of course I would like to be your friend!" replied the little orange fish. "I will help you make friends with everyone else!"

So Sharky and the little orange fish became best friends and were always together! That way, Sharky could show that he was friendly and the little orange fish could show that she was brave! Soon, all of the creatures of the sea could see that Sharky was a gentle and kind creature, and not a monster anymore!

And that is the story of how Sharky came to be loved by all the creatures of the sea, and why he is loved by children the world over!