Boodo Stories: Nosy and the Big Secret, Part 3




A storm was brewing outside the small house on the mountain. Thunder and lighting cracked in the sky, making the lights flicker on and off. All the monsters were scared and huddled together closely in a group.

"And now..." said the scientist. "Now it is time to unleash all of this power I have stolen and use it to control the world!" He laughed his mighty laugh and lightning flashed in the sky again.

He held up the green potion that he had fed to all of the monsters and brought it to his mouth to drink. He was about to take a sip when Nosy yelled: "WAIT!"

The scientist paused and put down the bottle. "What now?" he asked. "You cannot stop me."

Nosy was just a small monster, but he had a big heart and a big brain, and he thought he could find a way to stop the scientist. "What if it doesn't work?" he asked.

"Don't be silly..." said the scientist. "Of course it will work. I have all of the powers I could ever ask for!" He brought the bottle up to his mouth again.

"But what if there are too many powers in that bottle?" said Nosy. "It is not easy to have special powers! You have to learn to use them!"

"Yeah!" said Toothy. "What if you want to be invisible, but by mistake you use your glowing power and get seen by everyone! Or, what if you want to use your flying power but you grow flippers instead of wings!"

"You have to learn how to use your powers properly." said Nosy.

The scientist put the bottle down again. He considered what the two monsters had said. He hadn't thought of these problems before. "Go on." said the scientist.

"Also, what if powers aren't really the way to control the world?" asked Nosy. "There are many monsters with powers, but none of them use their powers when making important decisions. All of the presidents and leaders of the countries are nice to one another and are respected by the creatures of the world."

"What are you saying?" asked the scientist, who now stepped out from the shadows, leaving the bottle on the table behind him.

"I am saying that respect and kindness are the only ways to get what you want in the world. If you are nice to people, they respect you. And if they respect you, they will listen to you and treat you with kindness."

The scientist suddenly began to cry. "Oh no..." he sobbed. "What have I done? I've kidnapped poor, innocent children and been very mean, and now nobody will love me or respect me, and I will never get what I want."

Nosy came up to him and put his hand on the scientist's shoulder. "What do you want?" asked Nosy.

The scientist looked up and said, "All I want is to be happy and have friends. I want to live in the town with everybody else and be a good person. But I can't do that anymore, because I've ruined it."

Nosy looked at Toothy, and Toothy nodded. "You can still fix it." said Nosy. "If you apologize to everyone here and their families and the whole town, people might still forgive you and you can earn back the respect that you lost. Respect and kindness are the greatest powers of all."

"You are right," said the scientist. "I will let you all go right now, and take you down to the village myself. I will stop this evil experiment and start using science for good things!"

So the scientist unlocked the door to the room and let out all the monsters. Then he lead them safely through the forest and back to the town where their families were waiting. He was very embarrassed but he knew that this was an important first step in becoming good again.

The scientist apologized to the monsters and their families and the whole town. He promised only to use his science for good. And after a while, the creatures forgave him and he was on his way to being really, truly happy. 

And Nosy had learned his lesson too: to be careful what kinds of questions he asked, and to always think twice before doing something he was unsure of!



  • Brewing
  • Unleashed
  • Mighty
  • Paused
  • Properly
  • Considered
  • Decisions
  • Respect
  • Innocent
  • Apologize
  • Forgive
  • Embarrassed