Boodo Stories: Nosy and the Big Secret, Part 2



When Nosy woke up, he found himself in a room full of other young monsters!

“Hello?” he called out, still drowsy from sleep. “Where am I?”

“Hi,” replied another monster. “My name is Toothy. I guess you got trapped here by mistake as well?”

Nosy nodded his head, and Toothy reached down to help him stand up on his feet. The other monsters in the room came closer to greet him.

“I was out exploring after school yesterday and I was curious about this house, so I came by to see who lived here.” Nosy explained. He started to cry a little. “Now I'll never see my mother again!” he sobbed with tears rolling down his face.

“Oh, don't cry.” said Toothy. “We all made mistakes. They call me Toothy because I am always so hungry that I will eat anything. And one day, the crazy scientist saw me in the park and offered me some green candy with purple spots, and I ate it because I love candy. Then I woke up here, and I've been stuck ever since!”

Nosy felt sorry for all these other monsters who had been tricked into coming here. But he felt kind of silly because he had wandered in on his own.

“Why do you think he is trapping us here?” asked Nosy. Everyone shook their heads. They did not know.

Nosy's curious mind began to think of possibilities and patterns that it saw. Everyone had come here by mistake. Everyone had eaten a green and purple potion to make them fall asleep. Everyone was around Nosy's age. And everyone was... a monster!

It was true. There were no cats or dogs or pandas or tigers, or any of the other creatures who lived in the town. Nosy was beginning to come up with a hypothesis: a guess about what was going on based on the patterns he saw around him.

“I think I know why the scientist is trapping us!” yelled Nosy. The other monsters moved in closer to hear. “Why?” asked Toothy.

“Look around the room. There must be some reason the scientist only traps monsters, and not other creatures. There must be something special about us that he wants!"

“Maybe he wants my invisibility power!” yelled one monster. “Or my flying powers!” yelled another. “Or my big, pointy teeth!” yelled Toothy.

“That's right!” said Nosy. “He is keeping us because he wants to steal our powers!”

All the other monsters gasped. They had never thought of this before! They cheered and patted Nosy on the back. But he was still a bit confused about one thing: he didn't have any powers, so he wondered why the scientist was trapping him.

“But I don't have any powers...” said Nosy. “So I don't know why he needs me...”

Just then the scientist's voice came from the shadows, laughing.

“No powers?” he chuckled. “Why, you have the strongest and most dangerous power of all, which is precisely why I have to keep you here.”

“What do you mean?” asked Nosy. “What power?”

“You, my friend, have the power to ask questions and seek answers. The power to know more than anyone knows about the world. And that power is dangerous to people like me, who wish to control the world. So I must steal your powers. I must steal the powers of every monster!”

The scientist laughed and said to Nosy. “You are the final ingredient!” And just then thunder and lightning cracked in the sky!



  • Drowsy
  • Wander
  • Possibilities
  • Patterns
  • Hypothesis
  • Gasp
  • Confused
  • Dangerous