Boodo Stories: Nosy and the Big Secret, Part 1

Nosy was a very curious little monster and loved asking questions. He wanted to know everything he could about the world, like "Why is the sky blue?" and "Why do cows have spots?" and "Why does the weather get cold in the winter?"

Nosy did very well in school and all the teachers were impressed by his talent to remember facts and ask such great questions! His classmates always came to him for help with their homework because he listened so well to what the teachers were saying. But sometimes Nosy asked too many questions, and got himself in trouble! This is the story of how Nosy's curiosity found out a BIG SECRET... a secret that was TOO BIG for him to know, and how he used his talents to solve the problem and save his city!

Every day on his way home from school, Nosy passed by a mysterious path that lead up into the mountains. His mother had told him never to go anywhere that he didn't know, but Nosy was a curious little monster, and he had to find out where that path went! One afternoon, he decided to go exploring in the forest to see what new things he could discover!

Nosy walked for hours up the rocky path, stopping to take pictures of trees and flowers and butterflies along the way. It was a beautiful forest and he was having so much fun learning new things! But it was starting to get dark, and he knew that it would soon be time to go home. 

"A little farther", he thought to himself. He could see a house in the distance and wanted to see what it was. "I will go to that house in the mountains and see who lives there, and then I will go back."

When he got to the house, it was already dark outside, and Nosy was starting to get a little bit worried. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea", he thought. He wondered whether his mother would be angry at him for coming home so late. He was also very hungry.

Nosy knocked on the door of the house and called "Hello? Is anybody in there?". There was no answer right away, but the door opened all by itself, and a voice from the shadows answered "Come in, come in".

Nosy was a bit nervous, but he came into the house and looked around. It did not look like a regular house with furniture and pictures and coats and shoes. It was cold inside and dark, and it looked more like a science lab than a place to live in! 

"Who are you, and why have you come here?" asked the voice. Nosy was a little bit scared now.

"I am Nosy." he replied. "I was exploring in the forest and I saw your house. I think I might be lost."

"Lost?" said the voice. "Nonsense... this is right where you are meant to be. You are right on time for dinner."

When he heard the word dinner, Nosy was happy to stay. He was quite hungry after walking in the forest for so long! He followed the voice deeper into the house, looking at all of the strange scientific tools and chemicals that were hung up on the wall or on the shelves. 

When he sat down at the table, a robotic arm came to put a fork and a knife in front of him. Then a small robot delivered a strange-looking plate of green stew with little purple chunks that Nosy could not recognize. But he was too hungry to resist.

"Thank you," he said, and started to eat. The first taste was surprising, but Nosy grew to like it.

"What is this stuff?" he asked, curious to know about the purple chunks and the interesting green colour of the stew.

"Oh," said the voice. "Just a little something I like to use in some of my experiments." 

Nosy was a little bit worried. His mother had also told him not to eat or drink anything he did not recognize, but it tasted good and he was still hungry.

"What are your experiments about?" asked Nosy. "Are you a scientist?"

The voice laughed from the shadows. "Yes..." it said. "I study little creatures who get lost in the forest and come to my door. They are always willing to try my special recipe."

Nosy was almost finished his stew. "Would you like any more?" the voice asked, but Nosy was already starting to fall asleep. "No thank you," he replied. "I think I should go home now."

"Oh, please don't rush!" said the voice. "The experiment is just getting started."

Nosy's heart started pounding. Was he part of the experiment? he wondered. Now he was very scared, but in just a few seconds, he fell fast asleep.

~ ~ ~


  • Curious
  • Impressed
  • Facts
  • Mysterious
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Distance
  • Nervous
  • Deliver
  • Surprising
  • Experiment
  • Recognize