Boodo Stories: Blinky and the Magic Wishes

When Blinky was very young, he discovered that he had a special power. Whenever he winked or blinked his eyes, something magical happened to whoever he was looking at! He used his powers to grant wishes to all the good creatures of the world, and to make the earth safe and beautiful!

Blinky lived in a lush green rainforest where everyone loved him for his special powers. He granted them all their greatest wishes so that they would be happy and kind to each other. He made the trees grow tall so the animals could play in them, and made the sun shine through the treetops. He gave the birds colorful feathers that sparkled when they danced and made spots for the leopard so she could dance along with them! He gave Mr. Turtle a pretty shell to sleep in and let the fruit grow wild for the monkeys to enjoy! He even made it rain sometimes to keep the river flowing, so that fish could live in the rain-forest and no animal would ever be thirsty!

Blinky's rainforest was a beautiful place, and creatures came from far and wide to visit him. They asked him for wishes like big ears for the African elephants, flippers for the Antarctic penguins, and horns for the Canadian moose. He was happy to grant them all, because he knew they would make life better for the creatures of the world! But Blinky sometimes wondered what would happen if somebody made a bad wish – a wish that could hurt another creature or the beautiful nature that we all live in. He wished that he could see into the future so that he would know whether a wish was good or bad, but Blinky could not grant his own wishes.

One day, a little bird came to wake Blinky up in a panic.

"Quick, quick!” she called. “There are some visitors coming!”

"Who are they?” asked Blinky. “Are they coming to ask for wishes?”

The little bird did not know who the visitors were. She had never seen creatures like this before. They were tall, and scary, and walked on two legs. They smashed through the trees using sharp blades and trampled the ground with big boots on their feet.

"We will welcome them as guests,” said Blinky, because he was kind and fair to all creatures. “We will see what their wishes are.”

But deep down, Blinky was afraid that these new visitors might be the ones to make a bad wish. He was afraid for his friends and his beautiful rainforest, but he did not want to judge the visitors before he met them and heard their wishes.

Suddenly, the bushes burst open with a mighty crack, and three tall, scary, two-legged creatures appeared. They were wearing cloaks of animal fur, feathered hats, and boots made of leather.

"You there!” one called in a booming voice. “Are you Blinky, the granter of wishes?”

Blinky walked quietly towards them, giving a respectful bow. “Yes, I am Blinky. Welcome to our rainforest.”

"Welcome, indeed.” said another, laughing. “We have come to demand a wish, and we know that you will help us.”

"Dearest visitors,” said Blinky. “I am happy to grant you any wish you desire, so long as it is a good wish that does not harm the creatures of this rainforest or the beautiful nature on our planet.”

The three visitors looked at each other and laughed. The third one stepped forward and spread his arms wide. “Our wish will make this rainforest BETTER!” he yelled. “We wish to build a city here and clear the trees with machines to dig for oil. We wish to be rich! We wish to be the rulers of the world!”

Blinky knew right then that these visitors had come with a bad wish. He hung his head sadly, for he did not like to say no, but he knew this wish would destroy the beauty and happiness of the rainforest and hurt many creatures.

"I am sorry,” said Blinky. “I cannot grant this wish, because I am afraid of what will happen to this world if you build cities and clear trees with your machines and dig for oil. I am afraid that many creatures will be hurt and lose their homes.”

The three visitors were quiet for a moment. Then one of them yelled “GET HIM!” and the others quickly grabbed Blinky and stuffed him in a sack!

"HELP! HELP!” yelled Blinky, but the little bird was the only one awake, and she could not stop them! The visitors ran back through the forest where they came from with Blinky in the bag, crying and yelling for help.

When they finally let Blinky out of the bag, he was that he was in a very dark place. He could smell the ocean around him, and knew instantly that he was on a ship. The visitors now had him chained to a box, and stood in front of him with their swords and big, scary hats. One of them held a bag with the word “pepper” on it.

"We know what the secret is to grant us our wish.” said one of them, swinging the pepper bag. “Your magic power comes from your blink, so if you will not give us what we want, we will sneeze the magic out of you!”

He threw the bag up high and slashed it with his sword! A cloud of pepper filled the air!

Blinky tried to breathe, but his eyes were watering. An itchy feeling started crawling up his nose, but he couldn't let himself blink! If he did, then the bad wish would come true and everything would be destroyed!

"AAAhh...” he breathed. “AAAhhh...” he breathed again. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” he breathed, trying not to close his eyes. “CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Blinky gave a mighty sneeze that shook the whole ship. The powers started to float around him in colorful swirls. They formed in front of his eyes and almost exploded towards the three visitors, when suddenly a little boy jumped out from the boxes and was hit by the magic!

Blinky watched in amazement as the boy glowed with a magical purple light, and turned around to face the men. He saw that the little bird was on his shoulder.

"Father,” he called to one of them. “I am angry that you have made such a terrible wish! This little bird told me that you wanted to destroy this beautiful rainforest and all the creatures that live here so that you can build cities and get rich.”

"Son...” replied a man. “It is true that this wish may harm the nature, but think of how powerful it will make humans! We can be the rulers of the whole world!”

The man came up to his son, but the son stood angrily away from him. “No, father.” he said. “We do not need to destroy nature to live well, and we do not need to be rulers of the world. In nature, everyone is happy to live as equals, and nobody is more powerful than anyone else. This is why Blinky did not want to grant you your wish. Please let him be free.”

The boy walked up to Blinky and released him from the chains. “Be free.” he said. “For humans can be selfish creatures, and we can be greedy. But so long as I am alive and I have your powers, I will use them to protect nature and tell other humans to protect it too.”

Blinky bowed respectfully and thanked the boy. The little bird flew over to him. He whispered something in the bird's ear, and the bird looked at him and nodded.

"My dear boy,” said Blinky. “I have decided that I will stay with you to help you protect the earth. I have granted every animal their greatest wish, and I think the rainforest is already beautiful. So I will leave this little bird to watch over it and protect it while you and I will travel the world together.”

The boy looked toward his father, who was ashamed. He took off his sword and coat and leather boots and gave them to his father. “I do not need weapons,” he said. “Nature will protect me.”

The boy put Blinky on his head, and jumped off the ship. “Son!” his father called behind him.

But the boy flew into the sky with his new magic powers and flew far, far away from the ship and his father so he could see the whole world and protect it. And Blinky flew with him to help protect the beautiful world and all the creatures and people who lived in it.